Types of laboratory research

  • testing steels and grey cast irons for chemical composition and mechanical properties
  • production of high-quality soldering fluxes of different brands
  • identification of chemical composition of tin-lead solders
  • identification of chemical composition of non-ferrous alloys
  • zinc and paint/varnish coating thickness measurement

Test facility

RER provides services that meet the needs of each specific customer, helping optimise the operation of the equipment in question. Trial runs of the following machinery can be performed here:

It is possible to test the following technical means
  • traction engines for electric trains (commutator and asynchronous)
  • auxiliary electric devices for electric trains and passenger rail cars
  • electric equipment for electric trains
  • tests at increased rotation frequencies
  • electric equipment for passenger cars of locomotive traction trains
  • traction static converters for rolling stock

Main types of tests:

  • withstand voltage tests of insulation
  • withstand voltage tests of turn-to-turn insulation
  • heating test
  • static converters for rolling stock
  • mechanical strength on the passage of short-circuit through currents
  • vibration level tests
  • commutation tests
  • climatic tests

Switching capacity check:

  • nominal
  • limiting
  • critical, etc.

Product testing for resistance to the influence of external mechanical factors (weighing up to 350 kg).