Electrical equipment for trains

Electric Drive for Progress towards the Future

RER offers integrated system solutions for electric facilities using commutator and asynchronous electric traction engines.

Individual drive concepts are developed for each specific project in order to maximise its efficiency and performance.

Our portfolio begins with electric equipment from the earliest origins of electric propulsion and continues with brand new products adapted to the developing trends in the railway industry.

Ongoing efforts aimed at improving our products have been the cornerstone for success stories of our customers for over 70 years.

Our major strength

The development of custom-made electric drive systems, including re-engineering of existing drives.

We are a competent business partner to undertake the production, re-engineering or retrofitting of electric equipment.

Advantages of electric facilities produced by RER

  • 100% individual solutions
  • High performance
  • Low operating costs

Electric train equipment features a number of complex solutions:

  • Electric traction engines
    for direct-current trains, alternate-current trains and direct-current trains with an asynchronous electric drive of nominal capacity between 220 kW and 400 kW
  • Converters
  • Phase splitters
  • Contactors
    electromagnetic, quick-action and electropneumatic contactors with a nominal voltage 3000 V
  • Relays
    differential, high-voltage and time-delay relays
  • Transformers
  • Undercarriage boxes with traction equipment
  • Equipment panels and units

As well as:

  • Resistance blocks
  • Chokes
  • Filters
  • Shunts
  • Pneumatics equipment
  • Intercar connections
  • Panels
  • Magnetic amplifiers
  • Disconnectors
  • Group contactors

Our work is backed by vast experience in the design of electric equipment for rolling stock.

Our experts ensure excellent quality and longevity by running 100% of components through our internal testing facility.