Electric equipment repair services for you to rely on.

Highly skilled professionals of the RER technical centre have a wealth of experience in mechanical engineering and will make sure that your electric equipment retains excellent technical condition. RER provides the full range of component and system repair services for the entire duration of the service life of electric equipment.

With 24-month warranty and post-warranty service available, our customers can rest assured that all equipment runs smooth and safe. Knowledge and processes employed in the course of work ensure top quality, consecutive results and focus on customer service, while the time expenditure is minimised.

Our services:

full restoration of equipment to proper functional condition

Works of the following types are performed on electric machinery:

  • cleaning,
  • preliminary tests,
  • fault detection,
  • vacuum-pressure re-impregnation of armatures, stators, coils, polar coils, inductors, (insulation class F, Н, С);
  • re-insulation of polar coils;
  • commutator forming, grinding, grooving;
  • armature and rotor balancing;
  • painting;
  • restoration of shaft journals, mounting surfaces of plates and frames by means of building up and subsequent mechanical processing;
  • final trials.

Production of new components based on the customer’s schematics:

  • moulded parts of cast iron, high-strength cast iron, steel, brass, aluminium with optional subsequent mechanical processing
  • centre and margin plates of armatures and stators of electrical steel
  • various machined steel parts
  • stator coils using an advanced stator coil production line (winding, forming, insulation)