The Power of Experience


Supply customers with innovative technical solutions of special quality at a competitive price.

Produce valuable products for end users through cooperation with the customer.


Be a renowned manufacturer perfecting the experience of global companies and providing complex solutions along with a broad product range.


We take pride in our rich history and achievements of our enterprise, which serve as a foundation for our production traditions.

Quality assurance and constant drive towards perfection help our team overcome any obstacles in the way to successful implementation of our projects.

Our customers’ goals and objectives are our top priority. RER exerts its efforts to manufacture reliable high-quality products to meet any needs and expectations.

We strive to maintain long-term relations with our customers, supporting their business on the way to success.

Technological development and the ability to enter new market segments are a major component of the business approach employed by RER.

Initiative and creative approach are always welcome and supported in our team.