SMD meaning

SMD (Surface Mount Device) is a piece of equipment for electronic components production, which is mounted on the printed circuit board (PCB). It has metal connections on the surface of the component that directly contact the metal pads on the PCB.

RER has technologies, equipment, and industrial facilities allowing the installation of elements on the printed circuit board. Moreover, we can collaborate with a printed circuit assemblies manufacturer to provide you with a comprehensive service: from PCB creation to mounting. This way our team develops a wide range of applications in all types of rolling stock equipment, as well as in the automotive and energy industries.


Types of electronic components manufacturing RER offers 

Through-Hole Technology (ТНТ)

In the case of output mounting, the leads of the elements pass through the holes of the board, the fastening to which is carried out by soldering to the contact pads and the inner metalized surface of the existing through holes.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

SMT components are mounted directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB) rather than being inserted through holes, as in through-hole technology. SMT has become the dominant method of PCB assembly due to its high component density, reduced size and weight, and improved performance.

Technical specifications of the main technological equipment for the manufacture of printed circuit assemblies and electronic components

Automatic Surface Mount Assembly Line

(min. size, mm LW70x50, maximum-443×508, thickness, mm 0.4-6.0):

  • Automatic screen printer PANASONIC SPG;
  • Automatic MY300LX-11 mounter for the installation of SMD components;
  • Convection oven Heller 1505 MK 5 Air Only.

Automatic optical inspection system

  • Saki BF Frontier II Inline AOI / Optical Inspection Machine.

For the assembly of small and medium batches of printed circuit boards and prototypes

  • Automatic DIMA PP-050 “ATOZ” mounter for the installation of SMD components;
  • Breeze RO-413 solder reflow oven (Dima, Netherlands);
  • Manual screen printer SP-500 (Dima).

Functional control and repairs

  • SM-3TPZ-144-HD2 Trinocular stereo microscope 3.5X-90X;
  • PACE Repair station;
  • Humidity and temperature test chamber (1 m3), vibration load resistance test bench;
  • Insulation strength test bench (up to 3kW)

Lead-out mounting

  • Pillarhouse JADE MK II machines for selective soldering of pin components;
  • Weller, Ersa soldering stations.

Moisture protection

  • MyCRONIC MYC50 automatic system for selective application of moisture-proof materials (allows the application of various protective materials, such as varnishes, sealants of gels, in a fully automatic mode).

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