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Our knowledge is the key to our success

Our know-how is far beyond the boundaries of rolling stock traction equipment production. Intertwined with new technologies, our advanced knowledge of mechanical engineering ensures successful development of individual solutions.
с новыми технологями и успешно разрабатываем индивидуальные решения.

The Power of Experience

Over 70 years, we have been perfecting our production processes, with utmost attention paid to the quality of our products. Traditions developed over numerous decades and continuous quality control are our strengths.

Solutions of the Future

The world today is driven by rapidly developing technology. Solutions proposed by RER meet the requirements for innovative and sustainable future.



RER employs high-tech production facilities for the manufacture of printed circuit assemblies and electronic components. The company has technologies, equipment and industrial areas allowing the manufacture of electronic products for a wide range of application…

SMD plates


Electric equipment repair services for you to rely on. Highly skilled professionals of the RER technical centre have a wealth of experience in mechanical engineering and will make sure that your electric equipment retains excellent…


Laboratory research

Types of laboratory research testing steels and grey cast irons for chemical composition and mechanical properties production of high-quality soldering fluxes of different brands identification of chemical composition of tin-lead solders identification of chemical composition…

Laboratory research

Impregnation and winding works

Production of stator coils for asynchronous machinery of up to 500 kW Production of armature coils and polar coils for direct-current engines of up to 250 kW Vacuum-pressure impregnation of rotors and stators for asynchronous…

Impregnation and winding works

Foundry services

Our enterprise is capable of maintaining the entire production cycle, from mould modelling and casting billet production. The foundry is staffed with qualified and experienced personnel, capable of maintaining adherence to all applicable standards and…

Foundry services


Technologies, equipment and production facilities that allow metalworking for all types of industry. RER offers the widest range of services in the field of production of metal structures and processing of parts, including stamping of…


About RER

The core competence of RER lies in the comprehensive knowledge of electric machine engineering and command of new technologies. The flexibility of our production facilities allows offering optimum solutions and maintaining a customer-oriented approach.

As an experienced and reliable manufacturer of electric drives and various systems, we make a formidable market partner.

RER is a solid team of professionals, driven by progress and development towards new ideas and achievements.

and partners

We thank all customers and partners who trust us and help us to improve every day and get better.