Renewable energy equipment RER produces

Solutions offered by RER, such as, solar power inverters, charge controllers, stabilizers, automatic relays, and other equipment, help our customers’ products maintain competitive performance in the solar energy market. We allow easy integration of functional and aesthetic sustainable power sources into any project.

The RER solar battery inverters are custom-built to meet specific technical parameters. They can be adjusted to fit a variety of systems, ensuring maximum efficiency and prolonged service life. We make sustainable power easy-reachable to help you streamline processes in your company. Also, our factory can become your production site, or develop a project according to a specific order.

Renewable energy

Advantages of our sustainable power solutions

A solar power system inverter is critically important for the seamless work of renewable energy solutions. RER is an excellent supplier for your company to ensure the implementation of eco-friendly equipment. Slow down climatic changes and prevent further impact on the environment with a dedicated manufacturer.


Our custom-built solar energy inverter can help you generate more power while making maximum use of existing resources. Apply cost-effective solutions to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies.


Integrating RER’s renewable energy inverter into the workflow means that you can be sure in every process. The exceptional quality of our products


Thanks to our solar battery inverter system, energy production optimization allows quick return on investments due to low electric power cost and enhanced safety.

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Take advantage of our sustainable power service to enhance your work experience and generate more energy while saving costs. Collaborate with RER to get a high-quality solar power system and improve your company’s efficiency.