Charging stations for electro transport

Revealing New Horizons for Cities

Increasing demand for electric vehicles requires reliable solutions for functional maintenance.

We suggest developing a more potent infrastructure with systems that would allow energy efficient charging of electric bus batteries in the course of daily en-route operations.

Another opportunity is to develop a series of low-current chargers for nightly operation, so that electric transport would be fully charged and ready in the morning.

We seek insight into future electric power management possibilities and pay special attention to technological innovations.

Environmentally sustainable mobility is the cornerstone for improving the quality of life for urban population, and RER is happy to join its customers in their advance towards reducing harmful emissions.

Our major strength

RER charging stations are a universal solution designed in observance of the latest legislative requirements in the industry.

The basic idea of the concept is to provide customers with the most lucrative solutions for adapting charging station infrastructure to the needs of cities and operators implementing electric buses on their routes.

Electric equipment can be developed in the following product categories

  • Ultra-fast charging stations for electric buses
  • Electric power distribution infrastructure
  • Battery power storage systems
  • RER does its best to reduce operating costs and extend the life cycle of its products. That is why we employ a complex approach to the customer’s charging infrastructure, from the concept to successful operation.
  • Apart from that, our warranty service ensures continuous and efficient operation of all electric bus charging stations.