Joint-stock company “RĪGAS ELEKTROMAŠĪNBŪVES RŪPNĪCA” on January 1, 2021 started ERDF co-financed project NO. “Development of an electric train electrical set with improved characteristics”. The planned project implementation term is 30 months. The total eligible costs of the project are EUR 819’732.43 excluding VAT. The general goal of the project is to support research in the Joint Stock Company “Rīgas Elektromašīnbūves Rūpnīca”, which contributes to the achievement of the goals of the Latvian Smart Specialization Strategy, the development of human capital in science and technology and the creation of new knowledge to improve economic competitiveness. The specific goal of the project is to develop a new, innovative product – electric train electrical equipment set with significantly improved properties – by optimizing the network filter unit, creating an innovative network reactor, and adapting the traction motor control pulse width modulation controller to the network emission limitation standard. At the same time, the competencies of the RER scientific team in the field of electric train electrical equipment development will be expanded. As a result of the project, it is planned to develop a new product: a set of electric train electrical equipment with improved properties.