Joint-stock company “RĪGAS ELEKTROMAŠĪNBŪVES RŪPNĪCA” is continues to research in the field of “Design and development of traction drive systems with supercapacitors for the metro” for implementation in the boundaries of project “Enerģētikas un transporta kompetences centrs”. Number of the project – Nr.

During the reporting period, prototypes of the inverter module and electric motor have been created. A laboratory test stand has been developed and set up. Laboratory infrastructure will be used in adjustment of inverter software regulation and adaptation of control algorithms to the electric motor.

The process of producing the ultracapacitor accumulator matching device unit has commenced. Production takes place under the supervision of a scientific institution’s specialists. The charge-discharge unit software has been developed based on a mathematical model.

The fourth activity was completed within three months of the research. In the further work, it is planned to complete the production of the ultracapacitor accumulator matching device unit and to test the elements of the electrical equipment set.