Target company

AS “RIGAS ELEKTROMASINBUVES RUPNICA”, registration number 40003042006, registered office: Ganibu dambis 53, Riga, LV-1005, phone 27001052,, web: (hereinafter – Target Company).


Company “TransComponent Holding” (Russian Federation), registration number 1137774695495, registered office: 101000 Moscow, Bolshaya Lubyanka str.22 (hereinafter – Acquirer).

Number of shares offered for sale

A total of 78,926 shares of the Target Company have been offered for sale and alienated in accordance with the provisions of Article 83 of the Financial Instruments Market Law.

On 25 February 2021, the Acquirer purchased all 78,926 shares offered for sale by the Target Company, including: ISIN code LV0000101012 – 54,439 shares and ISIN code LV0000601144 – 24,487 shares.

The number of shares that will be at the disposal of the Acquirer after buy back of shares

After buy-back of shares, the Acquirer directly owns 78,926 shares of the Target Company, which together with the shares of the Target Company owned by the Acquirer constitute 100.00% of the number of Target Company shares with voting rights, i.e. 5 799 005 shares.

Intentions for Further Activities of the Target Company

The Target Company will continue its business maintaining, its current employment policy, the number of jobs and the location of the Target Company. The Company submits an application to Nasdaq Riga, AS to delist the shares from the regulated market.