Joint-stock company “RĪGAS ELEKTROMAŠĪNBŪVES RŪPNĪCA” continues to research in the field of “Design and development of traction drive systems with supercapacitors for the metro” for implementation in the boundaries of project “Enerģētikas un transporta kompetences centrs”. The number of the project – Nr.

During the reporting period, design documentation was developed for the most important drive converter and electric motor units based on the established technical tasks. The documentation is being prepared for transfer to production. Within the framework of the third activity, the development of a mathematical model of the new power flow control algorithm has been started.

During the reporting period, the external contractor performed the design work on the supercapacitor accumulator matching block device.

In the time schedule of the project activities, it was planned that the outsourced work will be completed in April 2020, however, due to the state of emergency declared in Latvia, the duration of the contract has been extended by one month. Transition research activities are proceeding according to the planned time schedule.