RER is entering the Indian railway fleet modernization market. The scope of activity of RER in India includes the development of electrical equipment for the overhaul of motorized rolling stock. This step not only aims to ensure the smooth functioning of motorized rolling stock, but also makes a significant contribution to maintaining high standards of safety and efficiency in the rail transport industry.

The current situation in the broad Indian market provides RER with unique opportunities for development. RER, with its wealth of experience and high technology in its baggage, can contribute to the successful implementation of repair work, ensuring the long service life and safety of railway transport in the region.

The rapidly developing railway industry requires constant improvement and innovation.

One of the key strategic steps of RER is the development and production of traction equipment for modern electric trains “Train 18”. This new generation of trains, developed using modern technology, is designed to meet the highest standards of comfort and environmental efficiency.

RER plans to carve out its niche in the transforming Indian rail transport market. The company strives for innovation, bringing advanced technologies and high quality standards to railway transport.