This year, RER’s representatives attended the 15th biennial international railway fair TRAKO in Gdańsk. It is one of the biggest railway fairs in Central and Eastern Europe, uniting railway professionals, manufacturers, suppliers, and enthusiasts to share the latest insights and developments in the railway industry.

From 19.09 to 22.09, RER learned and shared information on rolling stock, infrastructure, logistics, and the latest technological advancements.

Highlights of TRAKO 2023

TRAKO is renowned for its role as an international platform that brings together stakeholders from the rail industry. In 2023, it once again lived up to its stellar reputation. The event’s scope encompassed the entire rail ecosystem, from rolling stock and infrastructure to technology and sustainability.

Amid the myriad of exhibitors and presentations, RER’s presence at TRAKO 2023 was a notable highlight. As a distinguished leader in RailTech, RER’s participation piqued attendees’ interest.

One of the central themes of TRAKO is innovation and technology. Attendees had the opportunity to explore cutting-edge solutions that promise to shape the future of rail transportation. The fair provided a platform for companies like RER to showcase their advancements, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry.

Networking and Collaboration

TRAKO has always been a hotspot for networking and collaboration within the rail sector. Professionals, industry leaders, and experts gather to exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and discuss emerging trends. RER’s participation facilitated meaningful interactions, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among attendees.

TRAKO’s international appeal was evident as participants from around the world converged in Gdańsk. RER’s presence underscored the event’s global reach, emphasizing the importance of cross-border collaborations in advancing rail technology globally. The fair served as a testament to the rail industry’s interconnectedness and the potential for global innovation.


TRAKO 2023 is a testament to the rail industry’s vitality and innovation. RER and other participants contributed to the collective vision of a more efficient, sustainable, and interconnected future for rail transportation.

The fair provided a glimpse into the latest insights in rail technology and offered a platform for meaningful discussions and collaborations. As the rail industry continues to evolve, events like TRAKO remain essential in shaping its trajectory and ensuring a brighter, more connected future for rail transportation worldwide.