RER is known for its desire to share knowledge and technologies with fellow enthusiasts, but we have outdone ourselves this time. In June, we embarked on a journey to RailLog Korea 2023, marking our first venture to the Korean peninsula.

We met plenty of representatives of the railway industry, learned and shared our experiences with rail enthusiasts, and made meaningful connections with leading experts in the field. Moreover, we unveiled our new motor gear unit, demonstrating our technical acumen to our eastern partners.

Our Journey to RailLog Korea

As the biggest RailTech manufacturer in the Baltics, we have long captivated the local rail industry with our innovative offerings. However, RailLog Korea was a new frontier in terms of geography and opportunity.

The event provided a unique opportunity for us to engage in meaningful discussions and establish connections with industry leaders and potential partners from the Korean and global rail sectors. These interactions fostered the exchange of ideas and the exploration of collaborations that could shape the future of rail technology.

However, this was not the only reason for our presence.

Presenting New Motor Gear Unit

Our presence at RailLog Korea was not just about entering new territories; it was also about unveiling a game-changing product. The spotlight was firmly on our latest innovation – our new motor gear unit.

The unit garnered significant attention from industry professionals, rail enthusiasts, and competitors alike. Attendees were eager to explore the technology’s potential when applied to their rail systems.