The Power of Experience since 1946

Combining knowledge industry and new technologies

The core competence of RER lies in the comprehensive knowledge of electric machine engineering and command of new technologies. The flexibility of our production facilities allows offering optimum solutions and maintaining a customer-oriented approach.

As an experienced and reliable manufacturer of electric drives and various systems, we make a formidable market partner.

RER is a solid team of professionals, driven by progress and development towards new ideas and achievements.

A Hub for Profit and Success


Our knowledge is the key to our success

Our know-how is far beyond the boundaries of rolling stock traction equipment production. Intertwined with new technologies, our advanced knowledge of mechanical engineering ensures successful development of individual solutions.


The Power of Experience

Over 70 years, we have been perfecting our production processes, with utmost attention paid to the quality of our products. Traditions developed over numerous decades and continuous quality control are our strengths.


Solutions of the Future

The world today is driven by rapidly developing technology. Solutions proposed by RER meet the requirements for innovative and sustainable future.

24-month warranty makes for 100% guaranteed reliability

and partners

We thank all customers and partners who trust us and help us to improve every day and get better.