Инвестиционная деятельность

Об инвестициях

JSC “Riga Electric Machine Building Works” (JSC “RER”) is going to invest LVL 12, 1 million during three years with the purpose to fulfil technical modernization of the enterprise and to create new products.

The results of intended conversion will have been seen in 2017 when the asynchronous traction motors of new generation created by engineers-constructors, tried out and tested as well as certified will have already been produced. The plan drawn up by the enterprise for its strategic development during five years anticipates rising of “RER” for a new, considerably higher grade. The intended total amount of investments for “RER” development is the highest in the last quarter of the century. It is arranged to invest the highest amount of LVL 6, 1 million in 2014 meanwhile the rest amounted to LVL 6 million is arranged for investment in 2015 and 2016.

960 persons were employed at the enterprise in 2013. This year it is anticipated to employ 1005 – 1010 persons meanwhile it is anticipated that 1350 persons will have been employed in 2015.

40% increase of number of the employed is directly associated with the manufacture modernization and as well as with development and introduction of new products of increased added value to manufacture.


JSC “Riga Electric Machine Building Works”

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