The Testing Centre

JSC "RER" Traction Equipment Testing Centre

JSC "Riga Electric Machine Building Works" (JSC "RER") Testing Centre considers for its target creation of image and technical competence in the field of production testing.

The Testing Centre is accredited in the field technical competence:

  • by the Federal Service of Accreditation "Rosakkreditacija" (РОСАККРЕДИТАЦИЯ);
  • by the Federal Agency in the field of technical regulation and metrology.

Accreditation Certificate No. РОСС LV.0001.22ЖТ0

Test centre (TC) is certified for piloting the following hardware:

  • Tractive electric motors of electric trains (collector motors and asynchronous motors)
  • Supporting electric train’s and passenger car’s electric machines.
  • Electric train’s equipment
  • Electric train’s passenger cars with locomotive traction
  • Rolling stock’s tractive static converters
  • Rolling-stocks non-tractive tatic converters.


Basic tests,mastered at the same time.

  • Testing of electrical insulation’s strength;
  • Testing of electrical minor insulation’s strength;
  • Testing on heating;
  • Testing during overspeed;
  • Testing of insulation’s resistance;
  • Testing of vibration level
  • Testing of commutation;
  • Enviromental test;
  • Industrial frequency’s withstand voltage;
  • Mechanical strength during transparent short-circuit current passing;
  • Testing of switching capacity: 1) nominal, 2) maximal, 3) critical
  • Testing of resistance;
  • Equipment’s functioning voltage limit;
  • Testing of overall and setting-out sizes;
  • COP(coefficient of performance) determination;
  • Performance characteristic’s determination, verification of product accordance to nominal data;
  • Accordance to degree of protection test;
  • Reversal test;
  • Verification of the best verification zone;
  • Starting tests;
  • Over current tests;
  • Inductance determination;
  • Testing of operation during control circuit’s extreme operation factors;
  • Construction testing on accordance to safety  requirements – outer surface heating, grounding resistance, blocking;
  • Safety devices operation test.