Repair works

Join-stock company "Riga Electric Machine Building Works" (JSC “RER”) has technical and technological base for making different kinds of repair of commutator traction engines and traction induction engines, generators, transducers and complects of different apparatus for electric rolling stock, metropolitan railway carriage’s repair.

Factory makes all types of repairs, including medium and capital repair of commuator engines – 1DT. 003. 8; 11; 3, URT – 110, RT – 51М1, 1DT.17К, 5DT – 117МU2, DK117; traction induction engines – DTA – 170; TAD. 350. 1; trancducers – 1PV.6, 1PV.7; phase splitters – RF1D5, RF1D6; generators – 2GV – 13, 2GV – 008; shunts – 1SHI.001. 1; 3, ISH – 104.

 Following types of work may be prodused for the other electrical machines: cleaning, pretest, fault detection, vacuum discharging reimpregnation of armatures, stators, coils, coils with poles, field structures, (insulating class F, H, C ); reinsulation of pole’s coils , turning, grinding, slotting the commutator, balancing of armatures and rotors, painting, renewal of shaft journal, shield’s  and bed frame’s mounting surfaces by  building up with following machining, final tests.

Producing of new components , according to customer’s drawings:

  • moulded iron pieces; high – test cast iron, steel, brass, aluminium, with possible future machining;
  • different steel details by machining;
  •  stator coils on the modern stator coil’s producing line (winding, shaping operation, insulating)
  •  middle and end armature’s sheets, electric steel stators.

 “RER” makes repair  and producing of following electrical equipment  components:

  •  Electrical equipment of subway carriages, batch 81 – 717/714;
  •  Electric train relay, batch:  ED 9Т (ER – 9Т), ED – 4М (ER – 22Т), ED – 4М500;
  •  Electromagnetic electric train’s contactors, batch:  ED 9Т (ER – 9Т), ED – 4М (ER – 2Т), ED – 4М500;
  •  Cam contactors of electric trains, batch: ED9Т (ER – 9Т),  ED – 4М (ER – 2Т), ED – 4М500;
  •  Controllers and switches  of electric trains, batch: ED9Т (ER – 9Т),  ED – 4М (ER – 2Т), ED – 4М500;
  •  Electronic blocks of electric trains, batch: ED9Т (ER – 9Т),  ED – 4М (ER – 2Т), ED – 4М500;
  •  Transformers and electric train’s throttles, batch: ED9Т (ER – 9Т),  ED – 4М (ER – 2Т), ED – 4М500.