Foundry Services

The foundry can produce castings from the following alloys:

  • Steel castings.
    The weight of castings is up to 2.5 t.
  • Castings from grey cast iron and heat-resistant iron.
    The weight of casting is up to 1 t.
  • Castings from aluminium and aluminium alloys.
    The weight of castings from the sand-agrillaceous moulds is up to 150 kg.
    The weight of castings from the die casting moulds is up to 1.5 kg.
  • Castings from copper and brass.
    The weight of castings from the sand-agrillaceous moulds is up to 350 kg.
    The weight of castings from the die casting moulds is up to 2 kg.
  • Centrifugal casting.
    The weight of castings is up to 500 kg.

„Alp Haser” technology is used for forming during the process of steel and iron casting. Steel melting electric arc furnace of direct current capacity of 3 t  is used for producing steel and iron castings; this allows to produce all kinds of high-alloyed and low-alloyed steel.


Steel with special properties:

  • nickel-free steel and other types of steel.


  • grey-cast iron
  • heat-resistant iron
  • synthetic iron.


All kinds of non-ferrous metals and its alloys, aluminium and its alloys and also to remelt waste (charge, chips, scrap).

Induction furnaces capacity of 150 and 350 kg and also gas fired crucible furnaces, with capacity of 25 kg are used to produce castings from non-ferrous alloys.

Welding and Pressing Production Services

  • Detail pressing with pressing machines with load from 25 to 400 tons of sheet steel
  • Material cutting with guillotine- spheres, up to 6 mm
  • Rolled stock cutting: circles, channel beams, bands up to Ø500 mm using strip-cutting machine
  • Material cutting and production of parts with the help of laser beam cutting machine (table size 2000 mm х 4000 mm; cutting thickness for  steel up to 16 mm, copper 3 mm and brass 8 mm, stainless steel up to 8 mm)
  • Sheet material forming with thickness up to  6 mm and with length of 2 m
  • Welding of steel products and constructions
  • Painting of metal products and air drying
  • Detail heat processing: hardening, tempering, cementation, back-out
  • Production of pressed details up to 2,5 mm in thickness

Mechanical Processing

  • Turning-carousel  processing with sizes up to  Ø1600 mm length 1300 mm
  • Shaft turning processing with sizes up to Ø650 mm, length 1300 mm
  • Flap detail turning processing with sizes up to Ø1200 mm.
  • Horizontal milling processing of details with sizes up to 1400 mm х 1600 mm х 1400 mm (depending on the detail configuration)
  • Roll grinding with dimensions of up to Ø600, length 2000 mm

Winding and Preparation Services

  • Stator coil production for asynchronous machines up to 500 кW
  • Anchor and pole coil production  of current motors up to 250 кW
  • Vacuum-pressure impregnation of rotors, stators, motor anchors and poles .The impregnation capacity volume is  1400 mm, the diameter is 1600 mm. pressure is from 0,5 to 8 Bar.
  • Heat treatment of items in furnaces before and after impregnation according to Classes F, H, C.