Construction and Technology Division

Construction and Technology Division

The Construction and Technology Division of the plant develops sets of modern electric equipment according to technical requirements of customers. The equipment sets are intended for:

  • Electric trains 
  • Public transport and metro trains
  • Energy supply systems for passenger cars
  • Dump trucks
  • Motive-power units
  • Electric equipment  and motors intended for general industrial targets.

The sets of electric equipment include traction motors (collector and asynchronous-type), traction control systems (collector and asynchronous electric drives), protection systems for power and auxiliary equipment, power supply systems for power circuits and for auxiliary equipment (including static converters of in-house needs), control systems for auxiliary equipment.

The Construction and Technology Division of the plant develops modernization projects for rolling stock.

Developing such sets we use modern components of specialized global suppliers as well as modern technical solutions that allow us producing competitive production. 

The equipment that we produce conforms to provisions of relevant laws and regulations. It has conformity certificates and is intended for use in conditions of contamination, dust pollution, vibration as well as in broad temperature range: from -50 оС to +40 оС.

The special pride of the Construction and Technology Division of the plant ids its insuperable experience both in designing and adjusting of electric machines as follows:

  • collector traction motors
  • asynchronous traction motors
  • converters electric machines
  • undercar generators intended for passenger cars
  • asynchronous motors for trolley-buses  and for other kinds of  municipal techniques.