The Next Assembly Of Extraordinary Shareholders

The next assembly of extraordinary shareholders of joint-stock company “Riga Electric Machine Building Works », registration Nr.40003042006, address: Riga, 31 Ganibu dambis, LV-1005, takes place on December, 14th of 2012. 14.00. Riga, 31 Ganibu dambis, in a room Nr.29 (conference room) of an office building.

Prepaid fixed assets - 5799005LVL

Amount of actions with voting right -  5799005 actions


The agenda:

1. The reorganisation of the subsidiary company.

2. The decision on the increase of the share capital in the subsidiary company.

Registration of shareholders will take place in day of general meeting – on December, 14th of 2012. from 13.00 to 13.50. in a place of carrying out of assembly.

Shareholders can take part on general meeting of shareholders personally or through representatives. The shareholder is obliged to show the document of the person, the representative (authorized representative) at registration should show the notarilly certified power of attorney and the document of the person.

A proxy instrument form is available at NASDAQ OMX Riga website The date of a record, at that the list of shareholders for participation in the shareholder meeting, is December, 06, 2012. Only these persons, who are owners of joint-stock company “Riga Electric Machine Building Works” shares at this date, have a right to participate in the shareholder meeting.

Shareholders representing at least one-twentieth part of JSC capital, have the right, within seven days from the date of distribution of this Adjusted notice, to raise additional items in the Board for inclusion in the shareholders meeting agenda. A shareholder is required to submit draft decisions to the Board on items for inclusion in the agenda of meeting they propose and that are in competence of the shareholders' meeting. Shareholders must submit explanations to the board about the additional items, for inclusion in the agenda they are requesting and on that there is not intended to make decisions.

Shareholders can familiarize with projects of decisions of cases in point of joint-stock assembly, and also present offers on the questions of joint-stock assembly included in the agenda, to working hours from 10.00 to 15.00. at the lawyer to the address of Riga, 31 Ganibu dambis since November, 27th of 2012.

Board of joint-stock company “Riga Electric Machine Building Works”


Form of power of attorney

JSC „Riga Electric Machine Building Works” Informs

Information about „LatTransKomplekt”

Resolutions Of Annual General Meeting Of Shareholders Of JSC „Riga Electric Machine Building Works”

Resolutions of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of JSC „Riga Electric Machine Building Works”

Changes In The Board Of JSC „Riga Electric Machine Building Works”

In June 20, 2012 the Council of JSC „Riga Electric Machine Building Works” elected the new members of the board (Council protocol Nr.02/2012):

Maksims Savenkovs (Maxim Savenkov) un Olga Pētersone. Members of the Board Fjedors Dudkins (Fedor Dudkin) un Rita Kargina (Rita Kargina) have been relieved of their positions on their own initiative.

All relevant papers will be submitted to the Register of Enterprises.

Composition of the Board 

Chairman of the board:

  • Nikolajs Erohovs (Mikalai Yerokhau)

 Members of the board:

  • Mihails Morozs
  • Aleksandrs Suvorkins
  • Maksims Savenkovs (Maxim Savenkov)
  • Olga Petersone

The information about  new members of board:

Maksims Savenkovs (Maxim Savenkov), born in 1981, positions held: general director of “UMS” Ltd., Russian Federation , from 2008 till June 2011; deputy general director of PJSC “Tehkom”, Russian Federation , from 2011 till January 2012; deputy general director of “Pokrovka Finans” Ltd., Russian Federation, from February 2012. up to now.

 He has no shares of JSC „Riga Electric Machine Building Works”

Olga Petersone, born in 1959, positions held: the council of JSC „Latvian Shipping Company”, from 2008. up to now; financial and economical director of  JSC “ Riga Electric Machine Building Works”, from January 2012. up to now.

She has no shares of JSC „Riga Electric Machine Building Works”

JSC „Riga Electric Machine Building Works” The Shareholders Announcements

The shareholders announcements

JSC „Riga Electric Machine Building Works” Will Be Visited By Official Delegation Of Embassy Of Russion Federation

With this the management of the JSC “Riga Electric Machine Building Works” (hereinafter – JSC “RER”) informs that on June 08, 2012, in 11.00 a.m. will be visited by official delegation of Embassy of Russian Federation in had with the ambassador of Russian Federation in Latvia Mr. Alexander Veshnyakov.

During the visit delegation plans to have meeting with the management of factory, to get acquainted with JSC “RER” production manufacturing process.

After closing of visit a press-conference will be organized.