JSC "RER" Sells Chips Of Ferrous And Non-ferrous Metals

  • JSC "Riga Electric Machine Building Works"  sells every month chips of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, copper, brass and aluminum waste;
  • Various electrotechnical non-liquid inventory (generators, electric motors, contactors, relays etc.);
  • Accepts orders for manufacture of wind generator installations of various capacity. 

The Enterprise Sells Industrial Territory With Single-story Production Building With Appendage

Total area of the building – 20 864 sq. m
Total area of the land parcel – 30 844 sq. m

Electric  supply – two substations 1000 k VA and 2000 k VA and two power feeders.

Gas supply is absent.

Plumbing system in presence.
The building inside is in need of repair.
Indirect heating system is available.
Doorway to the building is from the Uriekstes  street. The territory is closed and secured. There is parking lot. High ceilings. Perfectly suitable for commerce activity and industrial purposes, may be used as a warehouse. Comfortable residence, closeness to the city center. It borders with free port of Riga territory. Close to the public transport. Lease with an option to buy is possible.

 Value of building - 1 760 000,00 EUR.