Business Activities

JSC "Riga Electric Machine Building Works" (JSC "Rīgas elektromašīnbūves rūpnīca”, JSC "RER") is the biggest company in the Baltic states that produces electric equipment.  It specializes in production of electric motors, generators, transformators and other production for railway stock, metro, dump trucks and public urban transport.

Our target markets: Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia. Currently JSC “RER” continues working for development of new markets. Our strategic goal is development of both European and South American markets.


JSC “RER” is a reliable partner for all is customers for many years.

The quality control system introduced at the company is applied successfully. The Management system of JSC “RER” is estimated and its conformity to requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standards has been acknowledged. JSC “RER” strictly observes the company policy that ranks first the quality of production and high standards of services provided for its customers.


The company invests is funds on a regular basis for acquisition of modern equipment that contributes to increasing quality and efficiency of released production. JSC “RER” takes active part in various European projects and workshops.


Currently the enterprise has acquired and put into operation new modern equipment:

  • Vacuum-discharge impregnation equipment VPI V 1800x1500 (Meier\ProzesstechnikGmbH, Germany)
  • Coil-forming machine CFM 2004 (VincentIndustrie, France
  • Sheet-bending press HFT 100-3 (AMADACo, Japan- France)
  • Coordinate-punching machine EUROPE 245 (AMADACo, Japan -France)
  • N8-type stamping press (SchulerPressenGmbH, Germany)
  • NN8B-type stamping press (SchulerPressenGmbH, Germany)
  • Laser cutting assembly CY2D30S4020 (CY LASERsrl, Italy)
  • Coordinate-measuring machine DEAGlobalSilverPerformance 12.15.10 (DEAHexagonMetrology, Italy)
  • Horizontal milling processing centre AgileCS-500 (MECOF, Italy)
  • Vertical turning-milling processing machine with CNC UMC-750 (HAAS Automation, USA)
  • Wire-erosive machine MV2400S (MitsubishiElectric, Japan-China)
  • Turning machine with numerical notation DY-860Gx1000 (ANNN YANG MACHINERY, Taiwan)
  • Mounting equipment for superficial soldering of  printed boards,  with SMD-elements.


The enterprise has many milling, turning and drilling machines including the group of turning automates that consists of machines as follows:

  • EMCO TURN 325-II.



JSC “RER” pays special attention to qualification of its employees. Our specialists are certified by general qualifying societies. Taking into consideration our long-term experience and properly mantained contacts in the fields of electric equipment our company is ready to fulfill a great range of orders according to wishes of its customers.


JSC “RER” offers services as follows:


  • Foundry services
  • Welding and Pressing Production services
  • Mechanical Processing
  • Winding and Preparation production services
  • Construction and Technology Division services
  • The Testing Centre services
  • Repair Works
  • Laboratory Examinations.